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"Cooper's training continues the right way, conditions are growing" - OA Sport

“Cooper’s training continues the right way, conditions are growing” – OA Sport

Elite group training continues and gets more active and the Women’s Multipurpose Group on the slopes of Mount Cooper (Colorado, United States). Only Marta Pacino is missing (who will be on stage at the double slalom in Levi, Finland, over the weekend) but her absence was made up for by the Jetmen blue team.

In fact, in the United States, they are busy Dominic Paris, Christoph Enrhofer, Emmanuel Pozzi, Mattia Cass, Matteo Marsaglia, Pietro Zazzi, Niccol Moltini, Riccardo Tonetti and Guglielmo Busca. Regarding the women’s sector, we see it working Federica Brignoni, Sofia Jogia, Elena Cortone, Francesca Marsaglia, Roberta Melici, Caroline Pichler, Nicole and Nadia Delago. The girls, among other things, have in the past few hours received a welcome visit from hostess Lindsey Vonn. In addition to this leisure moment, the work is really great, since the athletes alternate superheated and downhills in a profitable way.

national team coach, Gianluca Relvi, evaluates the situation: We are training well in Colorado – Explains to the official website of FISI – We struggled a bit the first few days because the snow, even here, doesn’t arrive once it did a few years ago, and even with artificial snow it’s hard. In any case, the experts were able to equip about 70% of the slopes. About three days ago we reached 100% and this It allows us to do about a minute and a half sprint in race conditions, so we are very satisfied.”

At this point, Ralphie delves into the details: The girls are doing well, those who go to Killington for the Giants on Saturday 27th November will do a few more days of relegation, then we’ll move on to the Giants and some of them will be taking part in the Nur-Am Cup trials at Cooper. Races to be followed by another two days of training, to move early next week to the East Coast in the direction Killington, hoping they can complete the track because the temperatures are still high there.”

Photo: La Presse