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Conflicts in Rome, the protagonist protagonist condemned the cramps of the struggle

Conflicts in Rome, the protagonist protagonist condemned the cramps of the struggle

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The agent presented himself spontaneously to Rome police headquarters this morning. “Yesterday – the police headquarters is being rebuilt – a message spread on social channels that this behavior was discovered by an administrator of the state police, and instead the editor of the completely irrelevant facts post was recommended to the Judicial Commission for defamation and libel.

In the relevant video the real yellow in the role of a policeman wearing a gray shirt and mask hit the protesters on the ground. Some protesters – some of whom were interviewed by Adnkronos – were said to be an infiltrator during an attack on the CGIL by far-right activists the previous day. In one video he is “covered” by agents in the mobile sector, while he hits a protester with his kicks and punches. In other videos, Beasley appears to be supporting the edges of the angry No Green Pass on the police van at Flaminio. The “dual role” was also condemned on social media by Vittorio Sarkpi and others.

Infiltrating policeman’s yellow and Forza Nua’s condemnation: “thus provoking clashes”

“We saw him beat Valerio, one of our people from Fyamicino,” say Forza Nua fighters in Adkronos, but we have never seen him before. Among the various hypotheses about the identity of the ‘mysterious’ man that spread on the web during these hours, he was the manager of an important Roman police station, his name and surname (and photos in uniform) found irresponsibly on the internet. This event was immediately dismissed by the findings made by investigators based on the discovery that it was somewhere else.

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Vittorio Cirque actively re-launched the misdiagnosed hypothesis. “This casual dress officer who beats a protester should be disbanded by the police,” he writes. Of course it ignites several conspiracy theories: “Look at the plainclothes policeman in the gray shirt beating the boy to the ground … where the police van does not seem to be contributing to the uprising with the rocking protesters.” The intruder is said to be in front of the truck