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“Come out of your shell” - Interview with the Red Bull Campus Clutch Champions

“Come out of your shell” – Interview with the Red Bull Campus Clutch Champions

Take us with you on your journey, from Regional to National to these World Finals, were there tougher opponents than expected?

Our regional championship was very easy. We were able to win the two online qualifying matches in North America very comfortably. In one of them there was a bit of a misunderstanding where they de-qualified us but then re-qualified us when everything was cleared up. The Regionals, though, were just a qualifier for the Nationals in Texas, which was probably our strongest competition.

Our semi-final game against Fisher College, a really great team, was an uphill battle. They took the first map from us but we were able to come back and then the final was very easy. Being here in Brazil is great because we met New playing styles Which we didn’t get to experience, of course, because they’re from the other side of the world.

Was there a moment when you feared being eliminated?

Honestly no, I don’t think any of us thought there was even a chance of getting rid of it. But I think there was Moments when we got a little frustrated. We’ve had strong composure throughout the year and are known for never slapping each other or trolling. There were times when our energy dropped a little bit, but all we needed was momentum to get us back on our feet, so I don’t think there was a single moment where we thought we were going to get out.

How do you manage discount support? There were many Canada supporters who spoke

We certainly noticed and honestly Let it give us strength. We did not allow ourselves to be affected and used it as motivation.

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What was it like to lift that cup?

It was definitely a relief. I’m so nervous… I’m always nervous, so raising a glass finally made us sigh of relief. We knew it was finally over, that we could go home on our plane and be world champions.

What is the next goal you want to reach?

The next goal is to continue dominate the university scene Valor. There is a big tournament in Los Angeles, USA at the end of the year and we have our eyes on that. After the competition, who knows, I don’t want to spoil any moves or things that might happen later in the year. But we have big things coming.

Looking back at 2022, especially college esports, do you think the scene has improved both nationally and internationally?

absolutely yes. The college scene in the United States is thriving and will continue to grow. The Hand bag from Red Bull He has done a great job of bringing together a lot of international fans and professionals and I think it was a great way to bring people from all over the world to play and compete.

How was this Valorant movie in 2022? Is there anything you would like to add or remove from the game?

Let’s go to the shooting range to practice while standing in line! As Overwatch does, it’s simple and we need it. Ah then it needs a function to identify players and avoid them as future team members. Then you need a file Slight rework of the competitive system To better balance the teammates found while playing online. I often come across really bad players who shouldn’t be in the game with me to compete. Then we’d like to see an in-game tournament system (Riot said so coming ed) For tournaments like CS:GO do with Faceit.

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What is your advice for those wishing to enter the competitive university arena?

Communication! (Which would translate to “Get out of your shell!” There are tons of programs, coaches, clubs, and veterans on Twitter; there is definitely a way. Your university might have an esports program, or your city might have a place where people get together and 4 other gamers are looking for someone serious. The university scene is getting more and more popular, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the many opportunities out there, but to do so, you must Get out of your comfort zone and overcome embarrassment. If you don’t like it, you can at least tell yourself you tried.