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Come Here Pirates on Netflix |  The invasion scheduled for this year

Come Here Pirates on Netflix | The invasion scheduled for this year

Netflix is ​​preparing for the pirate invasion that will arrive this year: everything is already ready, you just have to wait to see their sails on the horizon.

They are fiercer than ever and armed to the bone to try and conquer the shores of Treasure Island: wave the Jolly Roger on top of the main mast of their ships and they are ready to board the plane that will arrive right in the year 2023 Pirates are on the horizon and they are about to land Netflix: Now it’s official, keep your treasured treasures safe, it might be the last time you’ll see them.

The most popular and successful streaming platform of all time has just announced the arrival of some of the new content we’ll see this year, and all users have rolled their eyes and opened their mouths for a special announcement that few will be waiting for. News that leaked two years ago now, but is now only official: an announcement that made all the ardent fans of the saga jump off the couch.

Netflix is ​​preparing for the pirate invasion

It was actually January 30, 2020 when this news was first reported, but since then only rumors and rumors without official confirmation from Netflix. Just a few weeks ago, the real-time streaming platform reported the arrival new content in january and february, But there was no trace of this product, which was long awaited especially by a smaller community and fans of anime products.

Netflix is ​​preparing for ‘The Rise’: Now it’s finally official!

This time is official: unfortunately, a specific date has not yet been announced for the arrival of this long-awaited movie by people, but we do know that it will arrive during the year 2023 and will be available to all subscribers of the Netflix platform. After photos, trailers and half of the ads, we’ll finally see it all ready to board the seven seas and travel in search of treasure!

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The Straw Hat Crew arrives on Netflix

‘Everybody on board’ is their battle cry and this time the new destination is Netflix preparing for a pirate invasion in 2023: now it’s finally official, Live action from One Piece Coming to the streaming platform this year and we can’t wait to see it. Even if it has generated a few controversy among purists of the Eiichiro Oda manga and also among the anime series that has accompanied us since 1999, we are all curious to see the making of this live action.

Luffy’s crew is ready to invade Netflix

The cast was announced some time ago and the Mexican actor will feature Inaki Godoy Playing the role of the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, Emily Rudd Like the beautiful and sensual Nami, Macinho will be zoro, Jacob Romero Gibson Like Usopp, finally Taz Skylar Sanji will play in completing the crew. We don’t have more details about the plot, but it seems that it will focus on the first part of the One Piece manga, then the first 100 chapters that tell the story of the birth of the crew and the first adventures of the Straw Hat and his friends.