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Collision captured 3 galaxies that met each other

Collision captured 3 galaxies that met each other

The most famous space telescope in the world, read Hubble, continues to amaze: it recently captured a collision of 3 galaxies that annihilate each other, giving you no less amazing images.

Hubble Captures 3 Destroying Galaxies – What a Show! (Photo

After all, as the Inverse wrote, even in the infinite universe Galaxies fight for spaceLike a movie plot in the Star Wars saga, and what Hubble picked up is a clear example of that. It can be seen in detail Three huge galaxies pulled together by their own gravitational forceEventually, they explode and kill each other. In fact, when one galaxy gets close to another, it ends up being wiped out, which according to experts will happen to our planet, although fortunately between 4.5 billion years.

HUBBLE captures the collision between 3 galaxies: Here’s why it happened

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To share the footage was NASA, the US space agency, which operates Hubble with the European Space Agency (ESA), represents a true gem for the eyes but also for technology, considering it was produced just two weeks after Hubble was back in action after a five-week hiatus. In fact, the car was laid out in July in standby mode To back up his devices after a problem with the central computer. But what does the galaxy reveal in detail? The block you see in The image posted on this page and also in the attached video, Known as Arp 195, it is located in Lynx, a constellation named after an animal of the same name (the lynx), about 389 light-years from Earth, and it is usually observed in the northern celestial hemisphere. Its specificity is that it consists of three different galaxies that are simply attracted to each other by the force of gravity, and the last one Hug was fatal Because the trio got trapped after he got too close to them.

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When two or more galaxies come close to each other, a so-called . is created “main arm”, A strip of gas connects all the galaxies involved and will cause the explosion. Stephen Finney From the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ucl (University College London), which in recent months has conducted a study on this topic, explained: “A neutron star is a dead star, born when a very large star explodes and then collapses. Incredibly dense – usually with a diameter About 10 miles away and up to twice the mass of the Sun. Its collision with a black hole is a catastrophic event, causing ripples in spacetime known as gravitational waves, which we can detect on Earth with observers like Ligo and Virgo.” Again: “Computer models of these catastrophic events are incomplete and this study should provide an additional incentive to improve them. If our assumptions are correct, many of these collisions would not produce detectable radiation emissions: the star would be engulfed by the black hole without a trace. But in some cases, a smaller black hole can destroy a neutron star before it can swallow it, leaving matter outside the same hole that emits electromagnetic radiation.