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Le ipotesi di Oriana Marzoli e Giaele De Donà

Hypotheses of Oriana Marzoli and Giaele De Donà – Big Brother VIP

between dance and singAnd the Yael And the Oriana They decide to have a moment of confidence and end up talking about their relationship with him Anthony.

While on the one hand, the model says she managed to distance herself from the hairdresser thanks to Tavasi And the MikulOriana admits that she finally stopped feeling bad for him and that is why today she says she is ready to make a simple VIP friendship. Despite this, she admits to being a little annoyed by her dodgy attitude: ‘He wasn’t entirely sympathetic’ He adds cheer, given his separation “I am not interested in this person as a friend.”.

The conversation continues between the contestants. Due to the existence of GenevaGael admits that he paid more attention to the relationship that the ex-Fibonna is currently having with the hairdresser and – after noticing many subtleties – came to the conclusion that Antonino definitely loves her very much: “When someone starts doing this to someone else, it’s because they care.” Her theory, however, is soon denied by the person concerned who confesses to her that he finds in Geneva a pleasant person who is ready to give him serenity, but who, despite this, has no intention of going any further.

Although the VIP has expressed his view on the situation, Oriana and Jiel don’t seem completely convinced. Is there really only friendship between the two?

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