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Country Investigation: Search of the Panziri family homes in Milan – Europe

The amount of cash locked up in the Eurochamber Vice President’s house is in the range of hundreds of thousands of Euros Eva Kylie and in the bags his father was carrying when the authorities stopped him. The money has not yet been calculated, but according to the Belgian newspaper Lecco, the first estimates speak of more than 750 thousand euros in denominations of 20 and 50 euros: six hundred thousand euros were in the bag that Kylie’s father brought and the rest is in the house of the Greek MEP. Meanwhile, Greece’s anti-money laundering authority froze the assets of the vice-president of the Eurochamber.

Athens froze all assets of Eva Kayli: the Greek government announced this. The provision of the Greek anti-money laundering authority relates to “bank accounts, treasuries, companies and any other financial assets,” Le Soir reports, quoting the head of the authority, Haralambos Vourliotis. Asset freeze, according to the same source, also affects Kylie’s close family members, like her parents. Also in the sights of the authority, the Belgian newspaper adds, is a recently established real estate company in the elegant Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens, which was allegedly set up by the 44-year-old MEP and her Italian partner. The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced the search of the offices of the European Parliament as part of the investigation in Qatar

Some searches took place between yesterday evening and today at the homes in Milan And in the province Attributed to Antonio Panziri and his family By the Guardia di Finanza in implementation of a European investigation order in the Brussels investigation on charges of conspiracy, corruption and money laundering in favor of Qatar and Morocco, which led, among other things, to the arrest of the former member of the European Parliament, his daughter, his wife and wife, Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kayley. From what is known, computer media, documents and a small amount of cash in euros were confiscated.

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Meanwhile, the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, A Find offices of the European Parliament In the context of the Qatar investigation.

Metsola: It will be an internal investigation in the European Parliament
For some, the scandal engulfing the European Parliament over bribes from Qatar will be “an Italian job,” says the French spokesman for a parliamentary group at Eurochamber “behind the scenes”. And since the European People’s Party, the Italian Socialists would be “toxic” figures for now, according to sources within the European People’s Party. All the elements that could already appear today, in the plenary session in Strasbourg, which will likely see the President stepping into the dossier in her opening remarks Roberta Metsola. “We will not sweep the dust under the rug. We will launch an internal investigation to examine all the facts about Parliament and to assess how impenetrable our systems can become. We will launch a reform process to check who has access to the seats, how these organizations are funded, what relationships they have with other countries, We will ask for more transparency in meetings with foreign entities and with those associated with them, and we will give this parliament a shock.”

“It is a really incredible case, which now needs to be clarified without condition and clause, with all the rigor of the law. Because it also and in particular concerns the credibility of Europe” and “there must be consequences in various areas”, but “now it is a question of full clarification”. “We haven’t seen anything like this for a long time,” said the German foreign minister. Annalina Burbock Access to the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union in Brussels.

The High Representative for the European Union’s foreign policy Joseph Burrell “The news is very disturbing, these are very serious charges, but there is an ongoing investigation and I stand by what the judges have announced.”

“We check every detail in the transparency record – said the European Commission President, Ursula von der LeyenIn response to a question about the possible involvement of the Commission in the Qatargate investigation – we have very clear rules for all commissioners, and we are investigating in the light of what happened in the European Parliament. As long as there is no new information we are in the status quo, but if something new appears we will have to respond.”

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“I never received any gifts from Qatar. I was going to report him.” S&D MEP Marc Tarabella defends himself like this, In an interview with the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, on suspicion of involvement in the investigation of Eurochamber bribes from the Gulf state. His house was searched in the presence of the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola. And the office of one of his assistants, the Italian general manager, is among those locked up in the Eurochamber’s Brussels office. GM – stresses Tarabella – also worked with two other MEPs, Pietro Bartolo and Lara Comi, and “worked with Mr. Panziri for many years. I can easily imagine that’s why the courts are interested in him. However, I don’t,” she explained. Tarabella who admits that she knows well the former Italian member of parliament who has now been arrested whether as a witness or in some other capacity. big. He loves football: we watched the matches together and discussed the results of the weekend, like many other colleagues, – these are the words of Tarabella. Then the member of the European Parliament dwells on his position on the Eurochamber in Qatar, which some of his colleagues considered very weak. “The World Cup was awarded to Qatar in December 2010. I was one of the first to raise this objection, especially in light of the unenviable fate of expatriate workers. Then things began to develop positively in Qatar, i.e. the only country for example in the region to abolish the sponsorship system. Everything is far from perfect, but I wanted to salute the progress that has been made by inviting Qatar to continue its efforts in this direction,” Trabella stressed, explaining that he was last in Qatar last February “at the invitation of the National Human Rights Committee with a number of parliamentarians to convene International conference on social networks and media.

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“For some time Eva Kayli has distanced herself from the ideology and politics of her party, PASOK, to align with the party in the government of Nea Democratia and the European People’s Party”: she declared Andreas Spiropoulos, secretary of the PASOK Central Political Committee, during an interview with Mega Station. Yesterday the leader of the Greek Socialist Party, Nikos Androulakis, had defined the European Socialist Party as “a Trojan horse inside PASOK working on behalf of Nea Demokratia”. Spyropoulos recalled how since Androulakis denounced, last July, that she had been subjected to an attempt to hack her mobile phone, Kaili was “the first among politicians in Greece to adopt the government-imposed line in her speeches” in an attempt to minimize the problem. Later, according to Spiropoulos, the European Parliament repeatedly tried to prevent the wiretapping issue from being raised in the European Parliament. “We immediately decided to remove Kylie from the party after this scandal that touched the heart of Europe,” added the politician, Al-Basuk, commenting on the arrest of Kylie red-handed. Regarding the criticism PASOK has received over this move away from the European Parliament, which he was recently sentenced to, Spyropoulos defended his party claiming that “Kylie was a ‘shadow rapporteur’ of the Bega Commission of Inquiry, set up by the European Parliament to investigate the wiretapping scandal, and It was felt that if we had removed it at that time, it would have been, in fact, direct interference by Androulakis in the work of the European Parliament.”