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Giunge il BONUS NATALE 2021 per aiutare le famiglie in difficoltà

Christmas bonus, up to 1400 euros per family! We tell you who it is and how to apply for it »

Christmas bonus, up to 1400 euros per family! We tell you who it is and how to apply for it

2021 Christmas bounty arrives to help families in difficultyWith the Christmas holidays approaching, we are back to talking about Natal Reward. But what is this? It has been customized all over Italy 500 million euros to be managed by local administrations, which will also take care of posting the relevant advertisement containing the requirements for accessing the birthday bonus.

But let’s clarify and try to understand who it is and how it is needed.

In short, as reported by the newspaper messengerAnd This is a contribution that can even amount to 1,400 euros per family, aim at – aim atProviding food vouchers, for help Segments of the population with particularly low incomes who do not receive any kind of public support.

For 2021 shopping vouchersYou must contact your municipality’s website and fill in the details Online order. For those unable to use technological tools, municipalities allow Phone support to complete the order, or send it to go directly to someone prepared centers For this kind of privilege.

But the most important point is the following: What are the requirements to be able to take advantage of the birthday bonus? The municipalities themselves set the criteria they deem appropriate for the disbursement of the stipend, but the basic documents required for the application are Certificate from I See the value of the family unit and the
Number of minorsAnd Disabled and the elderly.

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