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China, national team players should take off tattoos – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, Dec. 30 – China’s Sports Ministry has banned tattoos of national team players and asked those who have them to “remove” them, as the communist force intends to put an end to the trends being considered vulgar.

From music to online games, China in recent months has tried to regain control of its youth and impose masculine values, in the face of moral decay that may come from abroad. The “vulgar” contents broadcast on the small screen and on social media are also targeted, inviting them to focus instead on “national” values. So the Chinese audiovisual regulator in recent months has called for “correct” beauty standards and a ban on “effeminate” men and “vulgar influencers”.

Yesterday, the Chinese Ministry of Sports said that Chinese national team players now have an “official ban on getting new tattoos”, and urged those with such tattoos to “remove them”.

“In special circumstances, tattoos must be covered” during training and competitions, the ministry said in a statement, prohibiting the recruitment of any tattooed athlete.

Tattoos are usually resented in China, which is still a mostly conservative society. But they have had some success in the big cities, especially with the younger generation. This is not the first time that aesthetics have reached Chinese football. The federation had already ordered players to cover up their tattoos in recent years. (Dealing).

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