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INVERNO 2021/2022: la Niña potrebbe condizionare la stagione fredda

And now a phenomenon appears that will disturb the whole winter. Latest Updates »

Urgent weather: Now a phenomenon has begun to disturb the whole winter. Latest updates

Winter 2021/2022: La Niña can affect the cold seasonUrgent last hour: A phenomenon that shows that Winter will bother everyone with Important consequences on the weather front also for Italy.
So let’s take the point to understand What is that to clarify and suppose one General projection of precipitation and temperatures based on recent updates.

It’s going to be a pretty freak winter with alternately between wet stages Not too cold with turbulence coming from the Atlantic and much longer periods instead goosebumps Due to the arrival of air masses from the North Pole.

one of Wave Of these anomalies can be found far from the ancient continent and more precisely in the regionThe Pacific Ocean. For a few weeks now attending girl.

This is exactly phenomenon Basically it refers to a cooling down Pacific surface water temperature Central and Eastern which frequently affect the climate of our planet, with different repercussions also in Europe and Italy. As we can see in the map below, the latest reading of the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean (December 2021) indicated this. -1°C lower Compared to the average and in the coming months, the trend should be for Further decrease (-1.4 °C).

It is reasonable to The presence of La Niña can increase the entry of several disorders Down the slope of the Atlantic he would find no obstacle from the high pressure who might instead take refuge in North Africa. The first part of winter, if confirmed, will be rather rainy in the central and northern European sector, with implications also for Italy. While not underestimating the risk of waves of bad weather, similar to what has already happened in recent weeks.

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Be careful though girl It will also lead to Polar Vortex behavior disorder. The latter is configured as a vast area of ​​low pressure centered almost always (from September to May) above North Pole And everything is closed cold air Which is constantly produced on the arctic ice sheet and which finds its outlet through the centers of depression oriented south, and then up to the Mediterranean (and of course also in Italy), causing bad weather and a sharp drop in temperatures within a few days. The effect that can destabilize the Polar Vortex is called stratwarming, by this term, in meteorology, we refer to an anomaly and an intense The warming of the Earth’s stratosphere, just over the Arctic, in order 30°C in a few days. Once activated, this heating gradually tends to expand towards the upper troposphere impact On the polar vortex: In fact, the lower sector is immediately forced to deform (dislocation of the polar vortex) or even swears In 2-3 distinct minimums (in this case we are talking about split from the polar vortex), which partially moves towards the middle latitudes, causing cold waves in the heart of the ancient continent and all the way to our country.

Let us recall, for example, the historical cold wave of 1985, as well as the waves of 1929, 1956 and 1963, associated with stratospheric warming of this kind. For this reason, especially between January and February The real ones should not be excluded icy raids With snow falling in the main cities and even on the coasts.
Pacific surface water coolingPacific surface water cooling

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