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China has launched a mysterious 'reusable' spacecraft into space

China has launched a mysterious ‘reusable’ spacecraft into space

SpaceX has started a real revolution with its reusable rockets. The latter is definitely the future and all other manufacturers of space carriers are also following this trend. One of them is China, which has just Send a “reusable” spacecraft into orbit extremely confidential.

We don’t know muchExcept that the Long March 2F rocket took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center during its 18th mission. “The test spacecraft will be in orbit for a while before returning to its scheduled landing site in China, where the technology will be tested.

Depending on the size of the cargo carried and the weight, the aircraft can be similar to a space plane X-37B of the Air Force. Meanwhile, the country has repeatedly announced its intention Bringing humans into orbit Using commercial space planes… They will help “conquest” space.

China’s development of technology would be great if it could overcome the problems faced by Dyna-Soar and the Space Shuttle, as well as the challenges facing SpaceX’s Starship.“Space policy expert Bleddyn Bowen from the University of Leicester told SpaceNews.”We should view this technological development as part of China’s broader investment in all kinds of space technologies, civilian and military, rather than something purely threatening.

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