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China beats the United States

China beats the United States

The highly anticipated Fast & Furious 9 movie will be released in China sooner than in the US

Although not much is seen now in the release of the new film Fast & Furious, Come in the ninth chapter, and there are those who cannot wait. In fact, Universal Pictures has announced that the film will be released China A month earlier than in the United States. In fact, if the film comes to the United States June 25, 2021, Fast & Furious 9 will be released in theaters on May 21 in China.

Directed by Taiwan-born director Justin Lynn, Fast and Furious 9 brings new and old acquaintances: Girlfriend Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron and Michael Rodriguez have teamed up with newcomers like Cardi B and John John.

Except for China Fast & Furious9 It will arrive in several countries in May. Of course they include Russia, Korea (the only country to “beat” China with a May 19 release date), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam. The saga, which began to warm up in 2001, has reached an impressive budget over the years and has become one of the most popular movie sagas of the 2000s. Also, it will be his performance at the international box office, which will be the molecule that defines the success of the film.

Universal added that China was chosen as one of the first countries to land the film. 30% of world turnover, At least for now. This can have a significant impact on box office revenue, and you can also find infections that cause a lot of changes depending on the country you are in. Among other things, not all of Saga’s previous films have been distributed in China: only five out of eight, along with the 2019 cycle, have arrived in those theaters. Nevertheless, love on that country saga Fast & Furious It becomes clear why the two films shown were able to earn more in China than in the US.

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