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Intesa Sanpaolo and Sace to support gluten-free foods at Andriani spa

Intesa Sanpaolo and Sace to support gluten-free foods at Andriani spa

Andriani SpA is supported by Intesa Sanpaolo and SACEBenefit and B Corp with an ESG S loan of €11 million.
Assisted financing SupportItalia is guaranteed by SACE The new exceptional tool provided for in the aid decree to support loans issued by credit institutions aimed at countering the negative effects of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and high energy prices on Italian companies.

Company investment andrian, Pioneer of innovative food, estimator
To support the growth achieved through ESG standards.

The interventions will be defined with financial support from Intesa Sanpaolo through loans called ESG S-Loans, which have the specific purpose of supporting companies in achieving ESG goals.

Andriani SpA, Benefit Company and B Corp, It is among the most important companies in the innovative food sector, with factories entirely dedicated to production gluten freeWith brands like Felicia Pasta. It serves more than 30 countries around the world with major markets in Italy, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain. The company develops and produces a full range of innovative gluten-free pasta with a unique taste, from a variety of natural gluten-free ingredients such as: brown rice, corn, buckwheat, oats, red lentils, peas, chickpeas, etc. As well as gluten- and protein-free sweet and savory baked goods.

“At Andriani, we promote a new food culture based on well-being and balance, with respect for the planet, and we are committed every day to an increasingly sustainable development, openness to cooperation and cooperation with third parties as a solution for virtuous growth. declared Michele Andriani, President and CEO of Andriani SpA Società Benefit e B Corp.

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Massimiliano Catuzzi, Head of Agribusiness at Intesa Sanpaolo, confirms: “Being together with Andriani aims to improve the quality and relevance of food production that respects people’s well-being. Thanks to the investments made by the company, there will be a further improvement from the point of view of sustainability, resource optimization and energy independence. Projects shared and promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo, in line with PNRR initiatives.

Antonio Bartolo, President of the Southern Regional District SACE Suspension: This transaction demonstrates the support we provide at SACE Group, through the extensive involvement of our nationwide network and our experts, to respond to companies’ liquidity needs. Being together with excellence like Andriani, who is so innovative, also allows us to support a strategic sector of the Italian economy such as agro-food.

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