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The change is at the top of Amazon. Dave Clark, the senior manager in charge of the Consumer Division, resigned by surprise. A farewell after 23 years coincides with a slowdown in the growth of the company’s crucial e-commerce business.
“The past few years have been the most difficult and unpredictable in the history of the consumer division, and I am especially grateful to Dave for his leadership,” says Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon, wishing to unveil plans to succeed Clarke in a couple of weeks. Amazon’s logistics operations, which fall under Clark’s direction, have been put to the test during the pandemic, forcing the online sales giant to expand its network to speed up deliveries. However, with the end of the shutdowns, Amazon found itself with too much space and too many warehouses, and now, according to rumors reported by the Wall Street Journal, it is trying to lease thousands of square meters of deposits or renegotiate signed contracts.
Amid tensions over distribution centers and Clark’s move from Seattle to Dallas, signs of his potential exit were before the eyes of many. His step back comes, as of July 1, less than a year after Jassy took over Amazon from Jeff Bezos, who decided to dedicate himself above all else to his space company Bleu Origin. It’s been a tough year for Jassy, ​​as Amazon revealed its first quarter in the red in seven years in April and saw demand plummet after two years of flying through the pandemic.

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