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Teacher unemployment Naspi and ATA precarious post-contract expiration in June: When it comes to


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When will it be possible to ask Naspi temporarily for ATA and school teachers? Let’s get to know the requirements.

What happens to the school’s temporary workers at the end of the contract in June? In what cases can I apply for unemployment benefit from Naspi? Let’s see what requirements you must meet to apply for unemployment in June, and answer the reader’s question:

Hello, I am contacting you because I would like more information on how Naspi will likely request at the end of the contract as a school collaborator, starting June 10. I started with short and occasional alternatives starting November 3, 2020.
I have worked in many schools and consequently received many contracts over the various months. I attach screenshots to display. I would like to know how to go on. From the INPS portal I saw that the contribution section has not been updated yet, there are still several months to go. I am waiting for your help.

Naspi in June

In order to be eligible for Naspi, it is necessary to meet the requirements that the procedure requires and specifically:

  • The case of involuntary unemployment (in his case is guaranteed by the end of the contract)
  • At least 30 days of actual work in the previous twelve months (this requirement may also not be met due to unemployment events that occurred during 2021)
  • At least 13 weeks of contributions paid in the four years preceding the event of unemployment

In order to be eligible for Naspi, it does not matter how many contracts reached, the important thing is that you have paid at least 13 weeks of contributions required to arrive but you must not only refer to the current school year, but they can also be searched for previous employment contracts (Not necessarily in the school sector) that didn’t actually lead to Naspi (so as of June 10, 2017).

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How to proceed? If you have the necessary requirements at the end of the contract, you can go to the Café to help with the application for unemployment (alternatively, if you have the credentials to access the INPS site, you can also proceed independently, completing the application is completely intuitive and the employer must be noted Only the latter).


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