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Sasha Gianluigi Abbracciavento is alive

Sasha Gianluigi Abbracciavento is alive

Padua – Missing Pastry Chef: Found alive and well Sasha Gianluigi AbrasiveventOr, A 28-year-old man who went missing 10 days ago from Paduan. Abbracciavento was discovered tonight, June 3, at the Termini station in Rome.

Missing candy found: he was begging

A passerby recognized him and he noticed him He begged, Was immediately notified to 113. It was learned from the Padua Police Headquarters. There was great concern about the fate of the young man: near the Brenda River in the province of Padua, his car was found abandoned with the doors open. Also, Sasha never responded to messages sent over the phone by the owner of the pastry shop where she worked in Vicenza to get messages from her.

Religion and the magic phase

The young man somehow succumbed to the fear of prosecution as he entered The magic phaseThen He recently converted to a new religion. The search has been initiated on the basis of the missing persons report issued by the parents residing in Padua. He was taken by police car to the Abrasivendo Central Station at Termini Station this evening and subjected to a photo signal. The 28-year-old man who later went missing was confirmed. Police have already notified Sasha’s parents of the discovery.

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