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Carla Fracci

Carla Fracci, Kledi Kadiu honors her with a grand party

There is no dancer whose name is not so reverently pronounced, there is no dance enthusiast who does not know him, and even those who have not come close to this wonderful art cannot help but realize its importance: Carla Fracci, who died only a few months ago, left a great void. His memory is indelible, as well as her steps and her teachings, which is why Clement Cadio wanted to organize an event, a big party, to honor her.

In the life of Clyde, as in the life of any dancer, Carla Fracci played a fundamental role. With the former teacher of friends By Maria de Filippi, there was also a special relationship Not only respect, but also friendship. He first met her in Verona Arena when he was just a young boy who arrived in Italy with a big dream and years later, to interview her.

Always humble and helpful, the ability to Carla Being able to make everyone feel it, even the students its size They can feel the pressure, quite comfortable. He paid great attention to the youngest of them.

idea cladyWhich he always tried with Fracci deep admirationEven before the great star disappeared. In fact, he and his colleague Silvia Fricciami wanted to create a show, which was then postponed due to the health emergency.

Now that Fracci is gone, the show is up Happened in his honor. Many famous faces will participate in the dance: Verna Tobi and Nicola del Ferro, the main dancers of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Susanna Salvi and Claudio Cuccino, the main dancers of the Teatro del Opera di Roma, Anbeta Toromani and Alessandro Macario. And Julia Stabil, holder of the latest version of Maria de Filippi’s friendsand many other talents who will dance to the music of CM Orchestra Rhythms & Drums.

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To oversee the Gran Gala, which will take place on August 26 in Cervia, in Piazza Garibaldi, there will be someone in the life of Carla Fracci Kahn. very important presence: Giuseppe Menegati, husband of the star, at his side Until the last moment.

The evening organized by Clyde Cadio to honor Carla Fracci will be without a doubt Full of fun and excitementNot only for the dancers and for those working behind the scenes, but also and above all for the audience.