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Car Insurance in 2023 |  All you need to know

Car Insurance in 2023 | All you need to know

Car insurance: Is it possible to trade in a vehicle without an insurance policy? All the applicable rules (that we need to know) in 2023

It’s the question every motorist, every citizen, and every taxpayer has asked themselves at least once in their lives. Do I have to pay for car insurance, even if the vehicle is parked? The answer is not very clear, because, over the years, there have been many conflicting statements. As 2023 begins, it’s good to know what you can and can’t do. Here are the current rules.

Auto Insurance (ANSA)

A few months ago, the Court of Cassation established the obligation to pay Rc Auto even if your car is parked in a yard or communal parking lot.. The ruling – No. 21983 filed on July 30, 2022 – was made above all to protect third parties affected by accidents, even before potential perpetrators of road accidents (from their physical risk). However, it is not the Supreme Court’s “fault”. Because the Supreme Court has done nothing but implement the provisions of European Union law.

Indeed, Directive 2009/103 / EC states that the vehicle must be covered by insurance during the period of active registration and use in accordance with Article 3, first paragraph. Directive approved by the European Parliament largely unanimously. Many citizens and families in our country own a non-working car. Therefore, they had to open their wallets. But in 2023 everything changes. Here’s how to not pay insurance for a vehicle you don’t drive. Of course, all of this is completely legal.

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Car insurance: the rules applicable in 2023 for non-driving vehicles

Net of the statements, it is possible for the insurance not to be paid if the vehicle remains stationary. Obviously, as we know, the payment of car liability cannot be suspended In the case of leasing or if the car in question is financed. Moreover, it is good to know that if payment is suspended, the car can not only not be circulated (obviously!), but it cannot even be parked in a public place. To be able to park it in a public place, it will be necessary to reactivate the policy, otherwise you risk paying fines ranging from From 848 to 3393 euros. and to suffer car seizure.

When the policy is reinstated, insurance companies may require payment of the difference in the event of a rate increase. In any case, reinsurance reactivation generally involves a payment of around 30 euros.

Auto Insurance (Ansa) 11.1.2023 Off-Road World
Auto Insurance (ANSA)

However, for 2023, it’s good to know that the ban on cruising with an uninsured vehicle clearly still applies. If we don’t care and “get caught”, The administrative fine is not simple and requires the payment of an amount ranging from 866 to 3464 euros. Finally, there is the matter of recidivism. If you face the same measure within two years, in fact, you can also suffer 1-2 months suspension of your license, with the vehicle seized.