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Caprarica Scenarios – El Tempo

Caprarica Scenarios – El Tempo

Since Kate Middleton announced that she was suffering from cancer, the British people have tried to shower her with messages of affection and support, but there is great concern for the future of the Kingdom. The Princess of Wales now needs comfort and privacy to fight the ugly battle with freedom and the warmth of her loved ones. In Before Tomorrow, the politics and current affairs program hosted by Bianca Berlinger, expert Antonio Caprarica tried to assess the situation and identify possible scenarios for the monarchy. “There are three senior members of the royal family suffering from cancer at the same time. In addition to the future king and queen, there is also the ex-wife and current partner of the Duke of York, Sarah, who has a very serious relationship with skin cancer.”: The journalist’s voice is reassuring, but his speech has less substance. Much more.

Commitments cancelled: Kate and William will soon be away from Windsor

“There is an extreme weakness in the royal family, which has never been so reduced and weakened before. In essence: there is no one else, in the absence of the King and Kate, who has the whole company on his shoulders.” The host continued. William is “entirely absorbed in the illness of his wife and in the care of his children.” Camilla, on the other hand, is “a 76-year-old woman who does everything she can, but that's not her job.” “There is a real problem,” the expert explained regarding the study, then continued: “We are in a situation where the English monarchy is hanging on a drop. Everything depends on the effective recovery and recovery of the king and the daughter-in-law, and above all the daughter-in-law, because she is the future of the monarchy.”

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