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Canada-US, the longest stretch of land in the world, reopens after almost a year and a half.  But halfway through

Canada-US, the longest stretch of land in the world, reopens after almost a year and a half. But halfway through

Canada reopens land border with US “for non-essential travel” This was announced by the Ottawa government. From August 9, Canadians living in U.S. states and states will be able to enter without segregation, completing the vaccination cycle for 14 days and having no Govt symptoms. The border between the two largest North American countries, with the longest distance of 8900 kilometers on its planet, has been closed since mid-March 2020, the first outbreak of foreign epidemics, and it remains unknown how long Canadians will want to reach the states.

However, from September 7, the re-opening will be to the whole world (apparently by air), always in accordance with the above conditions – the immunization cycle is completed by 14, one of the vaccines approved by the government agency Health Canada, the same four accredited from the European Union, and without symptoms. Meanwhile, from August 9, Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton airports will reopen to international flights, which has been granted a franchise only since last February, for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver airports only.

As mentioned, the re-opening of the land boundary at this time is only on the south-north side. When asked about this, White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki explained that the United States “is constantly considering travel restrictions” and that “any decision regarding reopening will be made by our medical and public health experts.” However, in the wake of the closure, there is some dissatisfaction with the Democratic Front. Deputy Dem Brian Higgins, who represents the Buffalo and Niagara Falls districts, firmly believes that the states have not recognized “the attention deserved to reopen the northern border.”

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In the North, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is strong in the number of people vaccinated: 80 percent of the population has already received the first dose, and with more than 50 people completing the cycle, Canada is the best performing country. G20. “Last weekend we surpassed the United States in terms of the entire immune population,” Trudeau said, adding that thanks to this figure, and the simultaneous gradual decline in Govt’s new cases, border controls can now be relaxed. “Reopening only to the states first – the Prime Minister concluded – is to recognize the same relationship between the two countries and their respective communities.”

Ottawa took the first step in easing travel restrictions earlier this month, allowing fully vaccinated Canadians or residents to return to Canada without isolation. Medical and public health experts believed that the final relaxation of restrictions should not be carried out before the share of the population completing the cycle crossed 75 percent. The government estimates that 80 percent of the candidates will be immunized by the end of this month.

Closing the borders inevitably weighed on the economies of the two North American countries. The U.S. Travel Association estimates that border closures will cost more than $ 6 1.6 billion each month. There were 22 million international tourists in Canada in 2019, 15 million of whom were from the United States