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If you find Minerva in these old liras then you are rich: here's what

How much is 10 lira per ear? The answer takes your breath away

The memory of the lira is still very “present” in the memory of many Italian citizens, because it was the official currency of our country for about two centuries, until the “retirement” arrived exactly 20 years ago, in 2002. So most of the population actively used the lira in many coins and notes cash. It was decided to divest from the historical Italian currency long before 2002, as the project of a single European currency arrived in the last decades of the twentieth century. However, issues such as 10 lira Ear They still have great symbolic power, as well as collecting. But how much could it be worth?

Widely spread coins

Although we are accustomed to associating rarity with sample value, this is not the only factor to consider. In fact, it handles other issues such as currency terms but also its historical value. The ten lira was very popular especially until the 1980s, then gradually loses its “feel” as inflation gradually deprived the currency of purchasing power. The issue of the 10 lira spiga, which was also the last issue of this value, had been for nearly half a century, from 1951 until 2000.

How much is 10 lira per ear? The answer takes your breath away

The most interesting examples are part of certain types: the coin can be recognized by the double ear that defines the face, and by the plow on the other side. 1954 coins, if well maintained, can earn from 40 to 120 euros, while other interesting examples consist of minting errors, such as about 10 lira coins of 1991 which, due to a minting error, have a side of The plow is turned against the ears. Such samples are worth from 30 to 150 euros, depending on storage conditions. All other coins, even if they are in perfect condition, do not exceed a rating of 10-15 euro.

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