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By the end of the week, a heat storm is coming and it will be Nero’s heat storm;  How long will it last?  »

By the end of the week, a heat storm is coming and it will be Nero’s heat storm; How long will it last? »

Weather: For the weekend, a heat storm is coming and it will be Nero’s heat storm; How long will it last?

Weather forecast for the weekendHere comes the “heat storm” unleashed by Anti-Hurricane Nero, which will literally set our country on fire starting this instant weekend. Let’s take a look at which areas will be the hottest in August and which areas will be the most engaged.

Indeed, at the end of the week, we will receive another pulse of the African anticyclone Nero, destined to raise the temperature to extreme values: in particular, pay attention to the northern plains, the Tyrrhenian sections and the main islands. called”“Heat Storm Nero”, a heat storm that will see temperatures rise another 3-4 degrees by Monday. The term ‘heat storm’ is used in meteorology to describe a heat wave exceeding 37.8°C for at least 3 days over a large area. With Nero we will meet and exceed these values ​​in almost the entire country.

Look at the map below: it clearly shows how a broad sub-Saharan anticyclone is spreading off the coast of Algeria and Morocco, supported by very warm air and subtropical characteristics (the interior of the Sahara desert).
This is a typical weather pattern for very intense heat waves, which can bring high temperatures not only in the plains but also in the high mountains: think about it. Frostbite (the altitude at which temperatures are above zero), we find that too Above 5000 meters altitude, in summer it usually fluctuates up to 3200/3500 meters! As a result all alpine glaciers will experience a blow, melting.Scheduled contraction between Saturday and SundayScheduled contraction between Saturday and SundayInstead the second diagram we propose below shows Temperature extremes The maximum will touch on the weekend and in this case Sunday 20th: The Pink indicates values ​​above 40°C.The maximum temperature is expected on Sunday, August 20The maximum temperature is expected on Sunday, August 20So this will be the eleventh exceptional climate phase as temperatures touch the threshold and return. 40°C (but also more inland), especially in the Po Valley and Tyrrhenian sections: focus on cities like Florence and Rome, but also on cities like Bolzano, Ferrara, Pavia, Alessandria, Terni and Bologna. Presented here “African stove“.

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Still unable to bear the heat, thesultriness Not only does it raise the bar physical discomfort, But it helps to keep the temperature higher at night.
The only disturbances in this sea of ​​boiling stability will cause some hints of instability in the afternoon, which will favor the development of some isolated thunderstorms in parts of the south on Sunday, especially in Cilento and Ionian Sicily.

This will be a prologue for a start Next week An environment that will stay with us until at least mid-week when a possible change appears to be looming on the horizon, with even heat.
But we will give more details about this in next updates.