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Covid: Experts, the Lampta variant is spreading to the United States

Covid: Experts, the Lampta variant is spreading to the United States

(ANSA) – ROME, August 08 – New Coronavirus infection in the United States is not stopping the spread of infections caused by the Lampta variant found in Peru, experts have recalled how the spread among non-vaccinated people supports the mutation of the virus. CNN reports this, citing several scholars. The first case of lambda variant was discovered last month at the Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, after which the genetic sequence detected 1,060 infections, according to Gisaid, an independent data sharing effort. This figure is far from the cause of the delta type, which accounts for about 83 percent of new cases in the United States, and the lambda variant is one of the most viewed by epidemiologists. The Lampta variant was first identified in December in Peru. “This has alarming mutations – medical director Preeti Malani observes the division of infectious diseases at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor – but this variant has been in circulation for several months but is very rare in the United States.” “It’s difficult to know for sure how Lampta is spread and how well vaccines protect against it. So far, Lampa seems to be spreading more than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said Delta and other types of infectious diseases expert in the United States. “Fortunately, studies show that currently available vaccines can be effective,” Malani points out. “As long as there is uncontrolled spread of SARS -CoV-2, we will see many variations in the future. The only way to control the spread and prevent further mutations is to spread the vaccine. “(On the handle).

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