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Brussels Air has been returning to the United States for more than a year

Brussels Airlines will resume flights to New York (3 times a week) and Washington (4 times a week) next week. In North America, the airline usually operates flights to the Canadian city of Montreal, but these flights will be canceled until further notice.

Brussels Airlines said ticket sales were particularly good for Washington. These flights are mainly booked by business travelers and people traveling to Africa. New York is a very tourist destination and ticket sales are starting to be “a little quiet”. “Currently, shipping to the United States is not yet allowed, and this applies to travelers from the United States to Belgium,” explains Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Mikey Andrews. “So we hope the travel restrictions will be relaxed soon so that travel between Europe and the United States is again easy and accessible.”

During the Crisis, Brussels Airlines has long focused on essential flights, mainly from Africa and (and associated refueling aircraft). For example, in February, the network had just 25 locations. Since then, the airline has systematically expanded its network with the aim of returning to about 80 destinations by August.

In an interview with the French newspaper La Libre yesterday, Brussels Airlines CEO Peter Gerber said the entire fleet of aircraft is expected to resume operations in July, even if the planes are not as full as before. Light. “We’re still losing, but we hope to make a profit this summer,” Gerber said. “The reservation is somewhat encouraging. If things go as planned, we will not have to ask the government for more help. ”

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