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“British investment strengthens our position in motorsport” • TAG24

“British investment strengthens our position in motorsport” • TAG24

For many years we have been talking about the environmental and pollution problem that our planet faces. That’s why, even in sports, they try to take as many precautions as possible and among them there is Formula e. It’s definitely a very different motorsport than it could be Formula 1 and MotoGP. In fact, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in everyday life, not just in sports. Speaking of which, at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) the British government announced its intention to increase investment in Formula E to further improve infrastructure. In fact, both British Transport Minister Mark Harper That Formula E CEO Geoff Dodds.

Formula E, UK Investment Statement

Then the British Minister of Transport praised Formula e Because it is trying to revolutionize electric mobility. The United Kingdom, in fact, It is working to implement a 70 million project EGP with the aim of improving and expanding the infrastructure for charging electric cars. This new project will not only improve infrastructure, but will also promote sustainable transportation and encourage private investment.

British Minister of Transport Mark Harper At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) a major investment by the UK was announced, as stated in the press release:

“In a major move to boost electric vehicle infrastructure, Mark Harper MP has announced a £70 million UK Government pilot project to expand ultra-fast charging points for electric vehicles across motorway services, marking a significant step towards the UK’s net zero charging targets.”“.

Many ecosystem experts participated in the meeting:

The announcement followed in-depth roundtable discussions held at the summit, involving experts from the Formula E ecosystem, including ABB, DHL, the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team, Envision Racing and UNICEF. These sessions discussed the future of mobility and the influential role of the championship in driving sustainable change and technical innovation“.

The goal is clear, which is to push people to progress towards a more sustainable environment and sport:

The discussion sessions and broader efforts at COP28 by Formula E and its partners highlighted the synergy between sustainability, entertainment and innovation in electric racing, demonstrating the important role of the sport in promoting sustainable human progress.“.

CEO Dodds: “Formula E’s presence at COP28 is a strong message”

jeff Dodds, Formula E CEO commented after the session:

“Formula E’s presence at COP28 sends a strong message that sustainability and high performance can coexist without compromise. Our championship has consistently pushed the boundaries of electric mobility, impressing fans around the world while serving as a cutting-edge testbed for electric vehicle technology.”“.

Then, regarding UK investments, the CEO said:

“We are delighted to see the UK recognizing our efforts and excited about the potential of our innovations on track to transform everyday electric vehicles and consumer technology“.

This investment is important not only for Formula E, but also for how the sport of Formula E is seen abroad:

“The UK’s investment in electric vehicle infrastructure is testament to the tangible impact of our vision, strengthening Formula E’s position at the forefront of sustainable and progressive motorsport. These efforts by Formula E and its partners at COP28 highlight the important role Formula E plays in shaping the future of Sustainable mobility and leading the global conversation on sustainability and innovation.