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Boom in hospitalization of aliens, it's alarm

Boom in hospitalization of aliens, it’s alarm

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May 21, 2021
By Camila Muzetti
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It is a condition that tends to gradually reduce hospitalizations Hospitals But there is another aspect to consider: the patients who are still on the wards Coronavirus disease As well as in Terapie Intensive. Not just Italians, not just Romans.

In the past few weeks at least in large hospitals in CapitalAnesthesiologists and primary practitioners have registered the presence – far from trivial – of foreign patients, most of whom are therefore Asian Indians e Pakistanis Living in it for years Rome But they always left an open “channel” with their country of origin. And although the virus has begun to “bite” these people less thanks to the poor vaccination, they contract it anyway – even in the substitute – and then end up in the hospital.

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This is the case of Umberto I dispensary where the presence of at least foreigners is significant in intensive care: “In the face of 25 people in the hospital – explains Francesco Puglis, Director of Dea, Anesthesia and Regular Resuscitation in Sapienza – we treat 7 Asians who live in the capital but who were born and raised in India or Pakistan ». It is not an irrelevant number because 30% of patients are in serious condition.“ We believe that the trend in hospital admission for foreigners – Bogles concludes – is linked to a double aspect: poor vaccination among communities that, despite residing in the capital, have not been met. Fortifying them and the lifestyles adopted by the same people, for example, when many people live in one apartment, so it becomes difficult to think about rebuilding the contacts that they had. ”

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Trace node

Massimo Andreoni, president of Tor Vergata and director of the Italian Society of Infectious Diseases, reveals a similar reversal. “Here, too, hospital admissions of foreigners are slightly higher than in recent weeks, and therefore compared to the perception of a general decline in admissions and hospitalizations, there is a specific increase closely related to the fact that these people are less vaccinated because they did not do so and become It is very difficult to trace contacts. ”

In general, the pressure on hospitals is decreasing day by day: yesterday in Lazio there were 1,323 people in regular Covid wards in addition to 205 in intensive care. A week ago the number was higher: the number of normal hospitalizations was 1,599 and intensive care jobs 231. Yesterday, faced with the increase in the number of tampons (plus 2,600 the previous day), the new positives were 471 (minus 87 compared to Thursday). The capital, with 258 new cases, “the risk level drops to” low, “he told the Regional Crisis Unit, which is why he will resume scheduled surgery in several hospitals early next week.

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