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At least 38 people died in the Arctic storm in North America, 4 in Canada – in the world

Between the United States and Canada, at least 38 people have died from causes directly or indirectly related to the Arctic storm that hit much of North America with freezing temperatures. Various media, including the BBC, are writing about it.

Four Canadians have been killed after a bus skidded on an icy road and overturned in British Columbia’s western province of Merritt.

In the United States, the BBC writes that 34 people have died so far, and the most affected state is New York. About 200,000 people were without power on Christmas Day afternoon: a decrease from 1.7 million in the previous hours.

Power generation companies of many states have done so A request to save electricity: Demand has literally exploded with the cold and there is a risk of not being able to satisfy it. In Tennessee, short rolling blackouts have been decided to reduce consumption. Thousands of flights were cancelled.

In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul sent the National Guard to rescue hundreds of people trapped in their cars near Buffalo, the epicenter of the winter storm. Defying the driving ban, many got behind the wheel only to get caught in bad weather.

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