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Blackbird days, respectful tradition!  It will get colder in many regions, forecasts »

Blackbird days, respectful tradition! It will get colder in many regions, forecasts »

Weather: Giorni della Merla, respectful tradition! The weather will get colder and colder in many regions, according to the forecast

Blackbeard daysFrom day 3 it started Blackbeard daysany Jan 29-30-31. According to legend, it is considered the coldest of the year.
Looks like this tradition will be respected this year! The latest update confirms the arrival of streams from the North Pole with their effects as far as Italy, between Sunday and the beginning of next week.

But why were they called? Blackbird days? The legend says that It was a blackbird once Beautiful fluffy white plumage. During the harsh winter, they collect supplies to survive the frost in their nests, so that they can stay warm for the entire month of January. They only come out when the sun is warmer and the first tufts of grass show through the snowdrifts. So they waited until January 28th, and then they walked out. So they began to celebrate, making fun of the winter: they were spared that year too; Frost no longer scares the blackbird! All this joy, however, literally angered Winter, who decided to teach those birds a lesson Too much singing: An icy wind blew on the ground and froze it along with the buds. Even the blackbird’s nests were blown away by the wind and the blizzard.

Blackbirds, to survive the cold, were forced to burrow into the chimneys of houses. There, the warmth warmed them and allowed them to weather those freezing days. Only in February did the storm subside and the blackbirds were able to fly again. However, the soot from the chimneys blackened their white plumage forever: this is how the blackbirds became black, as we see them today.

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This year it seems I Blackbird days will be very cold for much of the country. All this is due to the rise of high pressure from the Azores towards high latitudes (indicatively between Central Europe and Scandinavia) which, on the other hand, will lead to the descent of a very cold air mass of continental polar origin, connected to A large area of ​​low pressure exists at polar latitudes.
Then, this “air river” will push the glacier towards the heart of Europe, where it will break through with glacial winds from the northeast causing thermal breakdown Only the last days of January.
The map below (color Light blue / blue) shows temperatures well below period averages over much of the Mediterranean basin, including Italy.Temperatures are below averages: light blue/blue in colourTemperatures are below averages: light blue/blue in colour Cold will be felt above all during the night and early morning with values ​​​​below zero in the main cities in the northern center and in the interior regions in the south, at least until Tuesday, January 31.

We conclude with: Merla days, if it is cold, then spring will be beautiful, and if it is warm, then spring will come late….
Will it really be like this?