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Reflections of some VIPs on Nikita Pelizon – VIP Big Brother

Reflections of some VIPs on Nikita Pelizon – VIP Big Brother

It was a very quiet afternoon at #GFVIP’s house and at Cortiletto, onestiniAnd Tavasi And Mikulthey think about it Nikita Pelizon.

Much to his annoyance, Tavassi says he hasn’t been able to find a special affinity with his adventurous partner, and admits he felt slighted when the model accused him of lacking content, limiting himself to only making his group of friends laugh.

He wants to make you look like an empty person. Says the influencer shares his partner’s disappointment.

The dignitaries continue the discussion, and state that they have strong doubts about the model also in connection with her friendship with Antonella, a friendship that, in their opinion, leads to a deterioration in the relationship between the spouses. #Donalesi.

Specifically, they’re referring to the situation that occurred during the first episode of Big Brother’s broadcast. Antonella was, during that moment, taking notes of the jokes Eduardo had said towards her, notes that would later be used to confront the person in question. However, these notes also passed through the hands of Nikita, who added notes about situations that in his opinion the swordsman should have discussed with Eduardo.

Having witnessed this scene, the VIPs are convinced that the model, instead of quenching her anger and bringing peace, was inciting it to increase the gap and tensions between the spouses.

In Cortiletto, they continue to confront each other, and everyone shares the fact that, from their point of view, Nikita is playing a strange and inconspicuous game, and that behind that friendship there is only strategy.

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Will they talk about it with the person concerned?