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Honda makes eVolt, its 'Uber of the Skies' idea, easy for everyone - video

Honda makes eVolt, its ‘Uber of the Skies’ idea, easy for everyone – video

The Japanese giant Honda, which operates mainly in the two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle segment, is looking forward with a nod to the world of aviation, presenting its own idea of ​​the mobility of the future.

Honda eVTOL

The Japanese manufacturer is radically transforming its concept of future mobility. For this reason it places great emphasis on self-driving and on vehicles capable of making short and fast trips, called eVTOL (Hybrid Electric Assisted Vertical Takeoff and Landing). Compared to its competitors, in fact, Honda imagines a medium-length service for intercity trips up to 400 km. This is possible thanks to the increased autonomy of vehicles.

Keiji Otsu, President and Director of Research and Development at Honda, explained how all the initiatives presented are challenges that Honda wants to address in its new areas of interest. Indeed, today Honda ensures that its cars reach levels of safety equal to those of passenger planes by exploiting a simple structure and a propulsion system that provides comfort thanks to the small diameter rotors. Herein lies the advantage, because these vehicles will be able to take off and land vertically even near small areas in urban centers.

The future of mobility for Honda will be air and driverless

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EVTOL technology will be the core of the new mobility ecosystem It will be accompanied by other mobility systems that should ensure fast and, above all, traffic-free travel, all guaranteed by cars, bicycles and driverless vehicles.

According to Honda’s vision, as you can see in the video, you can move your home up to hundreds of kilometers from your workplace. The integrated system imagines a self-driving car, able to quickly take us to the nearest Droner port, where we can board a car, always self-driving, booked through a system similar to that of Uber. These compact, electric and fast vehicles can move up to 400 km in a very short time and have the advantage of being able to land vertically even in densely populated areas.

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All this is very similar to the world.”Blade Runner“It could actually be a lot closer than we think. We’ve reached a historic change, which will change our travel habits, and the big car manufacturers are drastically adjusting their business and vision to be ready and not end up in oblivion.