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Bieber, the dress is really sexy but Hailey... can't hold it

Bieber, the dress is really sexy but Hailey… can’t hold it

viper bite

Suitable for this occasion

. social evening Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin. The couple threw a party where it had all the magic that could be expected. Famous guests inside and curious to wait outside. The two have always attracted looks and acclaim, for their sun-kissed beauty, youth, and loveliness. The only thing missing from the party is… the smile.

Stylish outfits for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

The event at the art exhibition, the new work of the singer, was held regularly. Justin Beiber Oddly chic in a tuxedo. He even ditched the sneakers that made poster experts turn up their noses, on the occasion of a meeting with French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron (research).
To support him, his wife Hailey Baldwin. Pretty as usual, with a costume that truly catches the eye. In black velvet, with huge shoulders, the dress Alessandra Rich Features a paneled skirt that covers only the front. On the side, under the embroidered veil, the model’s long legs stood out dramatically and clearly up to the hips.

long faces

Off site, photographers together, the Biebers weren’t smiling at all. Close to each other, but it seemed like more than just a hug Justin Beiber supported Hailey Baldwin. She is very serious, eyes low and an almost regretful face. Next to him and his hands on his wife’s hips. To some, it seemed to cover the bare skin that the daring dress had left exposed. Instead, his gesture was helpful, rather than protective from the look. As if Hailey is not feeling well…

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hand on belly

Then there’s her hand right in front of her stomach…
a few days ago, Justin Beiber cause a stir Through a social post, he wrote “Mom and Dad” (Mom and Dad) next to their photo. After the first desires of followers, the wave of denial Hailey Baldwin: “You should probably say we’re going to be a dog daddy.” And commented, and muffled the words of her husband. Was it really a joke or did the model’s belly hide the so-called “beautiful secret”?

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