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Beware of fraud on WhatsApp, download link is fake

Beware of fraud on WhatsApp, download link is fake

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July 24, 2021 3:56 pm

maximum attention. The Postal Police is warning citizens about the WhatsApp scam on the green lane that was set up a few weeks ago, and it appears that it is back in vogue after submitting the mandatory certification to access many services. The scam is designed to obtain personal data and bank details. How do you recognize deception?

The text of the message on WhatsApp says: “In this link you can download the Green Pass COVID-19 certificate that allows you to move freely around Italy without a mask.” Once they (unfortunately) click on the link, the user gets to a fake corporate page where there are fake logos that look a lot like the originals. The page asks you to enter your personal and banking data, which is then used for fraudulent purposes. In addition to the WhatsApp channel, other scams are circulating via e-mail, which are already on display – on the dark web – fake green cards, costing about 100 euros.

It is recommended to download the certificate only by one of the official methods announced by the government (All information on this page), and certainly not on WhatsApp. We remind you that the SMS text with the certificate says: “Green Covid-19 certificate **** available. Use AUTHCODE ************ and health card on .it o App Immune o Wait Notification on App IO”. Any message deemed suspicious should be reported on the Postal Police portal to the following address:

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