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Come ci muoveremo sulla Luna: presentato il primo rover per Artemis

FLEX, the first interplanetary broker or Uber of the Moon

The first rovers designed and built for future NASA missions to the Moon and Mars were unveiled on March 10. To achieve this startup Astrolabe Venturi From the CEO Garrett Matthewswho has spent the past 20 years designing spacecraft and capsules for SpaceX and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

FLEX, the moon uber

The rover is called the Astrolabe drapewhich stands for Flexible Exploration and Logistics, the purpose of which is to support “human operations, robotics, exploration, transportation, construction and other critical activities to enable sustainable human existence on the moon”.

Inspirational design is designHumanity among the planetsfrequently Summoned by Elon Muskcapable of establishing a vital and daily presence in space, beyond the low Earth orbit.

“We want to be UPS, FedEx and Uber of the MoonMatthews told The Verge: The mid-range project, the Astrolabe CEO makes clear, won’t stop at Artemis missionso it appears the startup is already in touch with NASA, but it aims to build a real Flex fleet available for space agencies and commercial flights to the Moon and Mars.

While they are in fact busy designing and building the means that will bring the next men to the Moon – the rockets and landers that will allow them to land and transport goods on the surface of other worlds – there are still few solutions in this field as in regards to Lunar logistics.

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Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are working to solve the long-distance transportation problem, and we want that Solve the problem of local transportationMatthews said, ‘He set standards for lunar logistics. “

How does the lunar module work?

The Astrolabe has already built a life-size model of the FLEX rover, which has been tested in the California desert in collaboration with the former Canadian astronaut. Chris Hadfieldwho will be remembered by some for Bowie’s stunning presentation of Space Oddity on the International Space Station.

FLEX . can be maneuvered remote Or you will be physically instructed by a crew of two astronauts and they will be able to carry different objects, to a payload capacity that meets standards similar to those used in container ships on Earth.

FLEX Ultimate Edition will weigh approx 500 kilo It will be able to adapt to a certainly hostile environment like that of the moon, with long periods of complete darkness and temperatures dropping down to -130 degrees. FLEX will use the avatars Solar Panels of 3 square meters each but also Internal batteries It would allow him to overcome the very long moon night without light.

Needless to say, the idea behind FLEX is flexibility: it can be transported on different missiles and can be used on different assets allowing for the most diverse activities, from Transport of goods ai Scientific experiments. Modular items are also provided, such as robotic arm 6 degrees or crew interface, which will allow FLEX to support a wide range of activities. On Earth, on the Moon and beyond.

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