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Bad weather in Rome, rain and falling trees in the city.  Restaurants in Diburtina offer manholes for free

Bad weather in Rome, rain and falling trees in the city. Restaurants in Diburtina offer manholes for free

The Bad weather was reported Arrived in Rome. It has been raining in the city since 12 noon today. Like the Piazza Bologna and the Torre Maura, many aca vens for flooded and fallen trees.

In the first case, a tree fell at a crossroads near the entrance of Metro B station at 1 p.m. No one was injured. Local police at the site and a local florist assisted in the rescue to clear the road. In Torre Maura, on the other hand, a tree fell through dell’Usignolo and effectively occupied the street. Fallen branches also pass through della kustinia.

The situation in Diburtina

As for flooding, the worst situation was recorded in Diburtina, where some locals “floated” their outdoor tables in the river of water occupying the sidewalk. At No. 479, due to a malfunction of the sewer system, the road was flooded, reducing traffic and making it impassable for pedestrians. Fearing for their premises, some restaurants have temporarily cleaned up the sewer shops in their neighborhoods.

Not only that. The underpass in the square of the Diburtina station was also flooded. To control the inconvenience, the 211-309-409-545 bus lanes coming from the station were diverted, thus changing gear due to the Lombard League. Lines 71-163-448-492 were then diverted from the Tibertina station via Della Lega Lombarda, Viole delle Province and Tiberdina instead.

Clogged manholes in Togliatti

Field Palmiro occupied the street with water through Brenestina in the corner with Togliatti. Here the ROE Civil Defense in collaboration with the local police of the Roma Capitol freed the interrupted drains and allowed the flow of normal water.

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Flooded streets in Rome

Propelmi is also located on the outskirts of eastern Rome. In Tore Gaya, flooding occurred via Aguro Kasiani. Roads flooded by rain in Dor Bella Monaco, 057-058-059 Lined buses flooded the underpass, diverting its walk slowly and through Villabad.

The urban area of ​​the A24 was said to be uncomfortable, with queues as a car drove through Piorentini and the Tanzanial Est, and in the Dor Sapianza area, the recession at the height of the underpass via Guglielmo Sansoni.

Also, due to damage caused by bad weather, the gate on the Viole Alessandrino side of Attack Metro C had to be closed, suggesting the use of the entrance on the Castilina side.

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Fallen trees (2) -2-3

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