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Mara Vinier is sick: "The rest of the day in bed is blocked" |  Confession - Democrat

Mara Vinier is sick: “The rest of the day in bed is blocked” | Confession – Democrat

The revelation that came from Mara Venier that worried all her fans. Let’s understand what the Queen has in Domenica In

We all know Mara Vinier as a wonderful, cheerful and smiling conductor. Sense of humor has always been very contagious, which is one of the reasons why it is followed by thousands of viewers. Despite the sunny disposition, it looks like Diya Mara too I have some secrets. During the 71st edition of Sanremo Festival, an interview in which he talks about truly shocking details about himself.

It only took two words, “I am sick”, to do Immediately worry all his fans. It seems that precisely because of this disease, a woman cannot walk the famous steps of Sanremo. We saw Zia Mara next to Amadeus during the San Remo 2020 final. On that occasion she was asked if she was nervous about such an event.

Mara Venier could only answer that she had gone through many experiences, Now nothing scares her. He clearly says that if his job was to run the festival, his attitude would be very different. In spite of this, it is the introduction itself that reveals her fear of walking this staircase, just as it happened with Maria de Filippi.

Aunt Mara and the disease she lives with

Mara Venere

This is his horror It is closely related to disease which she now had to live with for years. In fact, the only solution to her seems to be to face only the stairs and barefoot. “I have two separate vertebrae, it’s a disease called spondylolisthesis, and there’s only one person risking my neck bone because of it. When he reaches out his little hands to climb into my arms, I take him”.

“Then I spend the rest of the day in my bed closed. But it is worth it”. During the interview, Diya Mara also talked about The disease he contracted on the second of February during an episode of Sunday in. Fans were very concerned about his health. Despite this, she stayed on top of the show until the end, saying it was just stress caused by confusion in the studio. And so the whole situation caused a sudden attack of tachycardia.

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The doctor’s advice was to go to the dressing room and visit lie down for a few minutes. However, Mara preferred to continue playing the format. On the occasion of the interview, he wanted to defend Amadeus from the accusations they had recently leveled against him. All this happened a few days before the festival date. In fact, Venier says Amadeus is so good she doesn’t deserve such treatment because of an unhappy outing.

She remembers being Arbore’s companion for over 12 years, always telling him that he was a winning horse at the time. then with Sunday inI offered her a chance He was able to absorb and exploit. This is to make you understand Amadeus’ position.