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Bear chases two youths in Val de Sole, moments of fear but no one gets hurt

Bear chases two youths in Val de Sole, moments of fear but no one gets hurt

Misana. He would have followed them for a few meters before disappearing into the woods, but fear was too much for the young couple walking in the municipality of Messana. The two were walking along a forest path when the bear appeared. Many, indeed, think so The bear disappears completely But this is not the case in winter. ''Unlike Marmot – explains, for example the province of Bolzano – that They enact a true hibernation, the bear falling into a sort of hibernation or semi-hibernation. For winter season. In this scenario A bear may occasionally leave its den In this period, too, remains immediate vicinity''.

And then there are especially moderate temperatures cDoes not “help” the continuation of hibernation. And indeed Bear tracks just a few days ago They were Found in men Even with the gods Waste bins fell to the ground andAssociation of Beekeepers of Trentino It called for operators to keep electrified fences active to protect the structures. “In this sense an appeal was launched immediately and as a precaution,” he explained President Marco Facinelli. The belief is that there is no harm to the bees.

Today it is Looks very scared A few meters behind the bearded bear followed by two young men. The bear simply chased the people (if he had actually chased them, he would have had no problem catching them later. It can even reach a speed of 50 kilometers per hour) and energy consumption is reduced to a minimum during this period.

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