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Be careful with these foods!  Nutrition expert sounds the alarm: They're not as healthy as you think

Be careful with these foods! Nutrition expert sounds the alarm: They're not as healthy as you think

There are foods that are not as healthy as you think. Here are some of the most commonly used ones which according to nutritionists should be consumed in moderation.

To have a healthy and convenient diet at the same time, the key is to eat well by choosing healthy foods but not going crazy even once. Happen to taste something less suitable.

Unhealthy foods according to nutrition experts – (

However, in order to act in this way, it is very important to have at least a basic knowledge of foods and what we bring to the table every day. Examples of this include foods that are often considered leaner or healthier but in reality are not so at all. Increasingly widespread appeal among Nutritionists clearly support a diet based on natural foods Hence healthier and, often, better.

Here are the foods to watch out for

It often happens that in order to lose weight or stay stable, you choose to buy sponsored products such as slimming products or super protein products. But these foods They are often highly processed Therefore less correct. All with very few benefits that are of no use in losing or maintaining weight. Some examples are rice cakes, spelled, oats or other grains. In addition to being rich in sugars, it is processed from grains that are often burned and therefore harmful to health. The same can be said about protein yogurt, which is processed with additives to get a good taste.

Unhealthy foods
Unhealthy foods according to nutrition experts – (

Even classic zero-calorie sweeteners are not the best because It can alter the bacterial flora. What about ready-made breakfast meals? They're often advertised as healthy or light, but you only have to read the ingredient label to discover that many of them aren't even real foods. In short, choosing low-fat, light, and protein foods is not always the best choice. A truly healthy person is represented by a diet based on real foods. Unprocessed foods that can be prepared at home They combine well with each other.

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This way, by consuming whole grains, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, legumes, lean meats and spices such as extra virgin olive oil, you will be able to pamper yourself from time to time without thinking too much. In this case, the healthiest option is to choose a slice of homemade cake. Pizza to eat with friends and relatives.

It is definitely not a product that promises to contain less fat or calories but on the other hand it contains many ultra-processed ingredients and materials. And increasing condemnation by nutrition experts. By eating the right way and learning to choose real foods, the difference will truly be huge. You will also be able to enjoy delicious food.