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How do you see the wonderful stellar conjunction

How do you see the wonderful stellar conjunction

On the evening of October 8, the sky will be decorated with a stellar conjunction between the almost full moon and Jupiter. What you need to know so you don’t miss out on the show.

today is Saturday October 8, 2022we will be able to enjoy the amazing scenery in the sky astral conjunction between the the moon (almost full) and gas giant JupiterThe largest and most massive planet in the world Solar System. How Referred to by the Italian Union of Amateur Astronomers (UAI) This is the second “celestial waltz” of the month, after the duo between Earth’s moon and Saturn’s “Lord of the Rings.” October 5. Here’s everything you need to know so you don’t miss out on this amazing phenomenon, your breath full moon for hunter Waiting for Sunday evening 9.

What time to see the star conjunction

The stellar conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter will begin once the sky is dark enough for the planet to appear sky. It’s always among the first things that light up sky Because it is the fourth brightest object in the sky after the sun, moon and Venus. The pair will become visible around 6:40 PM (Rome time) in the east, where the long “journey” will begin until around 6 AM the following morning. The two beings will be incubated by three groups: Pisces at the top, Aquarius on the right and Pisces at the bottom/left. The maximum height above the horizon will be in the south, around midnight.

Getting to know Jupiter in the sky will be very simple. As shown, in fact, it is the fourth object and the second “point” in the sky. Since Venus can only be seen at dusk or dawn, and has an orbit so close to the star, there is no other light in the dead of night that can surpass that of the giant of the solar system. If not from the moon, of course. During tonight’s stellar conjunction, Jupiter will be a few degrees higher than Earth’s companion. Remember that it is very easy to distinguish between planets and stars: the latter, in fact, shine brightly because they emit their own light due to nuclear reactions, while the light of the planets (and the Moon) is that reflected by the Sun.

How do you see the stellar conjunction

The star pairing would be perfect Visible to the naked eyebut as always we recommend a good idea binoculars or a little telescope To admire individual orbs. With an amateur tool, it is already possible to observe the characteristics colorful bands From the troubled Joe Jovian, and so am I Four Medici moons: TheAnd the GanymedeAnd the Callisto And the Europe (The last moon is one of the best places to search in the solar system alien life forms). When the moon is full or almost full, unfortunately, details drillingAnd the Maria And the mountain ranges It leaves little to be desired given the extreme brightness, but it remains noticeable if you have a dedicated gadget. Even a camera with a separate lens can allow for an interesting observation of stellar associations.

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