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Exciting in the English Premier League.. Arsenal’s anger after West Ham’s goal: “Scandal”

Exciting in the English Premier League.. Arsenal’s anger after West Ham’s goal: “Scandal”

Match of round 19 of the Premier League between Arsenal and West Ham It is bound to cause controversy. The first goal in the match was scored by him Soucek al 13'and was actually accompanied Many doubts On the correctness of the target with the appearance of the ball Leave the field during work.

Exciting Arsenal: Ball out, goal verified!

Great idea Defensive error for Arsenal Favorable the West Ham progress. Bowen He recovers the ball, controls it with his foot, and places it in the middle Soucek Who, if left alone, makes no mistakes and opens the game. At first, Arsenal did not react, affected by the huge mistake made by the defence, but then the pictures spread Controversy erupts: Seems to be in control of Bowen Completely above the line On the sides. VAR checks the goal, surprising the fans. Validate it.

The target,interpretation of VAR intervention was validated

The former English Premier League referee spoke in the episode, Mark ClattenburgExplaining the VAR decision: “The assistant referee on the goal line does not see that the ball is there Clearly out of the gameSo the decision on the field is a normal goal. However, from a VAR point of view, we cannot be 100% sure that the ball went out. One could argue that the leg is a little on the line, and there is no conclusive evidence. From the Var room they need two reference points. One is the goal line, which they have, but unfortunately the other reference point they need is the ball, which is shown in the pictures Can't see it Because it was blocked by Jarrod Bowen's thigh.”

Henry, very angry in the Var episode

grouchy About this episode Thierry Henrywhich released steam in the interval: “Well, this is the second time for us (Arsenal) after Newcastle away. If you want to help the referees get the right angle, if you want to know if the ball is out, you have to have a camera in that area.” It is the only way to know if the ball is out of the goal or not. It's 2023, and soon, 2024 and we still don't have a camera above the goal. There are too many times when you don't know if the ball is out or not.' No.