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Basketball, Pau Gasol leaves at 41: 'But it's goodbye, not goodbye'

Basketball, Pau Gasol leaves at 41: ‘But it’s goodbye, not goodbye’

Now, the Spanish wedge ball will have a completely different flavor. Inevitably. At 41, with two episodes forebode On display, a world title, two Olympic silvers, three European titles, Paw Gasol let the Basket. One played, at least. The ad, suffered, comes to a crowded press conference in Barcelona, ​​on its site BarcelonaHe returned after twenty years of living there United States of America. “It’s a tough decision to make after so many years, but it’s a thoughtful one,” he says. Then he admits a bitter taste in his mouth: “I was planning to close with play, not between crutches and surgery.”

Basketball, Pau Gasol leaves at 41: ‘But it’s not goodbye, it’s just goodbye’

Twenty-three years after the first match, the Catalan central bid farewell to the sport that made him enter Olympus of the greats, with a ‘Rookie of the Year’ win in 2002 and the certainty that he was key – he’s been included in six All-Star races.

From Barcelona to Barcelona, ​​passing through the Memphis Grizzlies, the Los Angeles Lakers, those with Kobe Bryant, those from the two rings in two years (2009 and 2010), the Chicago Bulls, the San Antonio Spurs, the Milwaukee Bucks, Gasol decided to stop, but not forever, On the contrary. “I am grateful to everyone for winning another championship with Barcelona but this is not a farewell, it is a farewell – as he says again during the conference -. The player stage is closed but there are many ways open. The possibilities of doing many important things, or at least that’s what I hope ».

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Hope was lit when he returned to Europe to cover the Blaugrana shirt, which he also won the Scudetto, and which may have faded at the Tokyo Olympics as he was eliminated with Spain in the quarter-finals. Final from the United States, the same people who then climbed to the highest rung on the podium, as always.