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Barbareschi responds to Salvatores: “At Elfo di Milano they called you Lupo Ezechiele, the thief of ideas and the poor man of love.  Now I must say why.”

Barbareschi responds to Salvatores: “At Elfo di Milano they called you Lupo Ezechiele, the thief of ideas and the poor man of love. Now I must say why.”

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Director and actor: “There was no need to spread poison, now I have to tell the truth. “You’re talking about the person who used everyone and everything in your career.”

“my dear gabriel salvatores, I read your interview with regret, there was no need to spread your venom, if not to highlight the book you are trying to sell.». The response was not long in coming Luca BarbareschiHe published it on his personal Facebook page, as part of yesterday’s exclusive report from the Corriere del Mezzogiorno newspaper, In response to the Oscar winner’s statementsThis came during the presentation of his book, “Let’s Lose.” A biography of Rizzoli, in the form of an interview, presented by the director of the “Mediterraneo” last Monday at the “Libreria Feltrinelli” in Naples. Speaking of his experience with Compania del Elvo representatives in the 1970s, Salvatores slyly stated that among them was “a gentleman called Luca Barbareschi, I think he’s an actor and director now? In addition to doing other things, for example it is Very skilled in dealing with the complexities of ministries Who gives grants? “I’m sorry, but after a certain age I can say everything.”


The artist had said that Barbareschi had broken his leg on the eve of the show, and he wanted to get the microphone to say that. He was acting with his leg in a castBefore going to the theatre. “Obviously – he said during the presentation – we were all unknown at that time, so the public’s attention was focused on him…” «Tomorrow – Barbareschi writes again in a threatening tone – I will have to answer you and I will tell the true story of the wolf, Ezekiel, the idea thief And poor in love, as the leprechauns in Milan called you.”

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“You never looked anyone in the eye.”

He then specifies: “You remember things poorly. Bisio also injured himself during the dreamBut we were all very happy children. me in the meantime I stepped forward, While you used everything and everyone in your professional life.” The actor, director and producer is keen to express his regret for these statements: “Because – as he emphasized in the post – I loved you, when we were children we went sailing together and dreamed.” Pointing out that he had «Excellent memory, you have less. But you never looked into anyone’s eyes, you always looked the other way.” He concluded by saying, “This is the old wolf Ezekiel who ended up alone to bite his own tail.”

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