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"I'm fine but the road is long"

“I’m fine but the road is long”

Charlene of Monaco has been away from her two children Jack and Gabriella for a long time due to her health conditions, but now she is determined to make up for lost time with them. “My daily life now revolves around my children,” even seven-year-old six-twins are full of commitments between sailing, marine environment, diving and marine rescue courses. She was away from them for several months in 2021 and even when she returned to Europe, she spent a lot of time in the clinic to recover, but now she wants to enjoy every moment of the young children.

Regarding her health conditions, Charlene from Monaco is not out of balance even if she reveals some optimism. “I feel physically stronger,” she explained. “The road has been long, hard and painful. I don’t want to go too fast, but today I feel calm.” The consequences of the sinus lift were devastating: she underwent three head surgeries in the space of a few months and the recovery period was long. Now that he has regained his strength, he is trying to get back in shape between swimming and the gym, to regain his strength and muscle tone.

Her deep devotion helped her in the difficult moment. “I am a deeply Christian,” said Charlene of Monaco, who converted from Protestantism to Catholicism to marry Prince Albert. “Faith guided me in the difficult moments of my life,” he explained. Recently, the royal couple did Pope Francis’ visit to the Vatican“It was an honor and a privilege,” commented the princess.

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