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Baldur's Gate 3, the new patch will be shown live next week -

Baldur’s Gate 3, the new patch will be shown live next week –

Baldur Gate 3 He will be the protagonist again streaming show In which new incoming content and other news for the game still in Early Access will be announced, as the event occursJuly 8, 2021 at 8 pm Italian.

Larian Studios has announced a live stream for next week and this will contain special information about next patch Coming to Baldur’s Gate 3: This is the third panel from Hell, as these show events are summoned by Larian to update the working state of the expected RPG.

“Join us July 8 for an interactive adventure that explores the new content of Baldur’s Gate 3 poster in Larian’s first LarPG,” reads an introductory tweet. “We will broadcast live (but not all of us are alive) from Gravensteen Castle and help us define the adventure.”

Apparently, for this new live stream the developers are planning some kind interactive game With the audience, it mainly focuses on the contents of the new patch but is presented in a somewhat special way.

Pending more accurate information on Baldur’s new portal 3 patch, Larian confirmed that i rescue operations From the previous patch it will not be compatible, unless you participate in the beta branch mentioned in the official tweet. We currently know that the release of the final version is scheduled for 2022 rather than before, at this point, while Update 4 was made available in February, with the introduction of the Priest class.

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