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Back pain again.  Molinari risks skipping Tokyo: Paratur is ready

Back pain again. Molinari risks skipping Tokyo: Paratur is ready

After 12 days of Olympic competition, the number 1 in the blue in golf, after the cut at The Open, risks losing the games. Kony asked the IOC to be able to replace Chico with Romanian

Will Molinari be there in Tokyo? Unfortunately, the risk that Chico will give up on the games is very high. So much so that on Saturday afternoon, Kony announced his departure and asked to be replaced by Renato Baratore, a 24-year-old Romanian. However, in the evening, it was partially reflected in Molinari’s decision to try everything to participate in the Olympics for the first time that he really had to say no in 2016, when golf returned to the Olympic program after more than a century. absence. Molinari does not want to give up on the Olympic dream and is staying in the race until at least Sunday to be part of the blue team. He will try all possible physical therapy treatments until the end, Federgolf emphasized. Molinari, after failing at the Open Championship, felt the back problems that had plagued him lately worsened. A problem, if unresolved, would force the Turin champion to skip the Olympics again after he had already given up in Rio 2016. Molinari is also deeply suspicious of the tight deadlines for recovery, given that the Olympic tournament begins on July 29. Italy will be represented in Tokyo by Guido Miliozzi, Giulia Molinaro and Lucrezia Colomboto Rosso. And from Renato Baratore if in the end Francesco Molinari isn’t real.