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Austria, one poll stops: it is involved in the anti-corruption investigation that led to Kurz's resignation

Austria, one poll stops: it is involved in the anti-corruption investigation that led to Kurz’s resignation

One of them was arrested by the Vienna Prosecutor’s Office Polls, accused of corruption In the context of the investigation that led to the resignation of the advisor Sebastian Kurtz. Austrian newspaper Standard Specifies, citing investigative sources, that the woman omitted her salary Hard Disk Shortly before his office was searched on October 6th. Therefore, the restrictive measure was taken due to a risk pollution Guidewrites the newspaper. Austrian news agency APA notes that, according to lawyers, the arrest was “extreme”. nervousAmong the other suspects.

Among them, former adviser Kurz, accused of Aiding and abetting corruption. The investigation is linked to suspicious payments to Polls Published between 2016 and 2018 in Fellner Family Media. These surveys, which benefited in particular the center-right People’s Party, were paid for according to the investigator by the Ministry of Finance. Kurz’s entire circle is under investigation: his spokesmen Johannes Frischmann NS Gerald Fleishman The chief strategist of the party Stephen Steiner.

In particular, the Ministry of Finance used budget funds to “exclusively finance investigations.” for political purposesAnd Sometimes manipulated, by a survey company in favor of a political party and its top officials”, whose results were to be published in an “Austrian newspaper” without being publicly announced. Advertising content. “In return – the attorney general’s thesis – the officials involved had made payments to the media company,” with the suspicion that they were destined for to influence cylinder head. This is not the first time that the 35-year-old adviser has ended up in the center of an investigation: it was already in May when the anti-corruption body accused him of releasing him. false data to a parliamentary committee. An accusation Curtis vehemently rejected. Kurz has served as chancellor since late 2017, having previously served as Secretary of State.

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