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Alba Baretti, all crying for her son: a touching farewell

The sad announcement made on social media by Francesco Maria Ubini, son of Alba Baretti, made everyone move and cry.

Alba Paretti is going through a magical period. soubrette is back after participating last year in That and that appear by Carlo Conti, a talent in which he did not particularly shine in singing interpretation and imitation, but in the course of which he was beloved by the public. Baretti engaged without any arrogance or conviction, and every week she tried to give her best while having fun. The girl did not lose her smile even when the judge, Cristiano Malgoglio, viciously attacked her week after week, trying to demolish her self-esteem and thwart her ambitions to achieve victory.

Alba Baretti (

This attitude paid off, also because Alba understood that she was part of a game and criticism was hers Malgioglio It was intentionally excessive for show reasons. In fact, there were no consequences between them off the air and also in this year’s edition they created an entertaining curtain. The post wasn’t a homage to last season’s contender, but rather an anecdote and show style way to introduce Parietti’s next show, a knack for disguises that will see Drag Queens as heroes.

This moment is not only happy from a professional point of view, but also from a personal one, given that after many years of celibacy, Alba has found a man who makes her heart beat. In a recent interview, talking about her new boyfriend, she made it clear that they are both in love and feel the need to do everything to ensure that the other is well and happy. He added that if in the near future they felt that the other should marry and that this commandment was shared, they would not hesitate to marry.

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Francesco Ubini, who is the son of Alba Baretti

Francis Aubeni
Francesco Ubini – Instagram source,

Two years ago, the Canale Cinque audience got acquainted with Francesco Oppini, the son of Alba Parietti and Franco Oppini. The boy struck the Italians not only for his good looks, but also and above all for his charismatic personality. In the months he spent in the house of Big Brother Phoebe, Francesco made loyal friendships, lived a passionate story, and proved himself a man of firm principles and a strong character. The ability to be in a telecast and not be held back in comparison meant he was chosen for Tiki Taka, a program where he is a columnist and often speaks about his team, Juventus.

Alba Paretti’s son drama: The ad makes everyone cry

Thus, the current period is not exactly a happy one for Francis. The Juventus scandal and the risk that what turned out to lead to another official relegation after the Calciopoli relegation is detrimental to any fan of the ‘Old Lady’ and will also lead to a significant level of rebuilding for the project. If the past few years have been negative due to the lack of important titles and winding paths in the Champions League, relegation will lead to a diaspora of strong players and the need to start from scratch, first regaining the Italian league and then the top of the league. arrangement.

Francis Aubeni
Francesco Ubini – Instagram source,

But Juventus is not the only reason for Obini’s discontent. Indeed, the son of Alba Paretti recently had to part with an important part of his life, a BMW 3.0 CSI: a vintage car sold to a German collector. In the post saying goodbye to his beloved car, Obini spared no sentimentality: “I have always said that unique things are most sought after and appreciated. Happy homecoming dear Bmw 3.0 CSI, back to the land where you were born. It was nice doing business with you, that Take care of you, good old age.”

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