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ARPA and CNR, the drought problem is severe, but now the rain is about to return. There is a history »

Weather: ARPA and CNR, the drought problem is severe, but now the rain is about to return. There is history

More and more severe drought in Italy. But something can openItaly besieged for weeks in a kind of atmospheric mass who actually No precipitation at all has been eliminated.
If many would be happy to spend days in stable and sunny weather with the first heat of the season, then it must be said objectively that continent risk getting more Serious than it already is because of the stability absence of rainespecially in some regions of Italy.
Official confirmation comes from the latest data CNR (National Research Council): There is a severe drought that we haven’t seen in many years. However, with the latest updates just arriving, they are important to us Ads: pound high rain They can return to our country, and now there is a date.

First of all, it must climatic hypothesis: Throughout the winter, most of our regions did not experience noticeable rainfall, to the extent that, as reported harp (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) “In Lombardy, Piedmont and the rest of the Northwest for the past 30 years There has never been such a mild and dry winter“.

Data processed by the monthly newsletter of Drought Observatory subordinate CNR Actually they show a case plyometric deficit Very intense in most parts of Italy. at map below We can see the areas colored in red, or the ones that suffer the most from a lack of water are: Emilia RomagnaAnd the marquisAnd the Tuscany and all the Northwest To represent the most sensitive situations at the moment, with Maximum dryness values. However, the rest of Italy is not doing much better, with many regions already experiencing moderate water shortages.

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Such a situation can put a file Don’t just risk the cropsneed water to grow in the vegetative awakening that a mild winter expects, but also water supplies For industries and common uses (homes).
Water shortage also directly affects energy production in hydroelectric power stations. Some are at a standstill, others have production limited to 10 percent of total energy. Many other operators who have been able to maintain production at least partially fear that the effects of the drought will be more pronounced in the summer months.

TURN, now there’s an appointment. After several weeks of anti-vortex domination of central-western Europe, between two countries End of March and beginning of April something can Open to atmospheric level. Official forecasts begin to assume a Scene change at the level of the hemisphere with the probability that “Gateway to the Atlantic” between Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 March. But what does this mean? In the language of meteorology, this term means that there will be no obstacles to disturbances descending from the ocean until they can reach our country, thus leading to Rainy weather stages for sure for many Italian regions. The immediate consequence would be an excess of precipitation especially in the central north with the Alps ready to fill with snow as we have not seen for a long time; Lots of rain can fall on the same day Wednesday 30 In Liguria, with the central eastern sectors that can experience the highest accumulations of rain.

We will see if this trend is confirmed and above all if it will be enough to quench the thirst of our lands in the light of next summer as well…

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