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Well, a UFO has been attached to the chariot of persistence

Well, a UFO has been attached to the chariot of persistence

The Perseverance rover recently collected the 12th sample of rock from the surface of Mars. This microloin is placed in a tube to protect it and is then sorted into a sampling system.

As part of its collection routine, the rover takes in some components of the sampling system, just to monitor that everything is going according to procedure. During one of these videos, NASA scientists noticed something strange, “something” that stuck with perseverance.


It’s always the beginning of the new Alien part, but we won’t panic and we will continue to do as clear and rational analysis as possible.

“In those images, two small pieces of debris were visible: a small object on the drill bit and a small, thin object on the drill chuck,” wrote Art Thompson, JPL project manager at NASA.

If you look at the picture, it looks more like a thread, or a twig. The second hypothesis must be ruled out, or else it would be a shocking discovery. But this cannot be the case. However, the first hypothesis, the thread, is more likely.

Some time ago, the Mars rover found pieces of plastic and the remains of the parachute with which it landed on the planet, which was then swept away by the winds. Could it be debris stuck in the car?

The rover takes multiple photos of its equipment from different angles and also takes a closer look at the surrounding terrain where the sample was collected. Thompson said more imaging and diagnostic activities could take place earlier this week as NASA tries to understand the nature of the wreck.

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