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Are Chiara Ferragni and Toni Ivey together?  Hypothesis and drilling

Are Chiara Ferragni and Toni Ivey together? Hypothesis and drilling

Are Chiara Ferragni and Toni Ivey together? Are they dating? Here is Taylor’s mega indiscretion and drilling.

Because that’s all we talk about Chiara Ferragni H Tony Ivey In the last few hours? Well, forThe community has noticed some suspicious movements on the part of the businesswoman, suggesting some kind of flirtation with the rapper…But what is the truth? Let’s evaluate the situation and find out what’s going on.

It all started when… Chiara Ferragni Posted a story about Instagram Wearing one Striped jacket. So far everything is normal: we know very well that Ferry is the queen of fashion! However, the web couldn’t help but notice that it was the same shirt that Tony Ivey wore when he was in Monte Carlo. To make matters worse, Chiara posted on Instagram not only wearing the famous striped top, but also with Miu Miu shoes and bag.. It could be a coincidence, it could also be another reference to Tony Ivey: remember when he said in his viral song “Miu Miu” “Miu Miu, Courchevel / Tony, buy my bag.”? Is it just a coincidence, is there a flirtation going on or is it something completely different, like a business collaboration? No one can say for sure, but we hope it will be clarified by those directly involved.

But this story does not end here! A few hours ago, the influencer appeared Taylor Mega (Tony Ivey previously dated) He gave a big dig at Chiara Ferragni. how? Taylor Mega posted on her Instagram stories a simple but very effective phrase: I feel ridiculous. It is impossible not to notice the reference to the phrase “Feel Free” displayed by Chiara Ferragni on the occasion of “Sanremo 2023″… but we definitely want to know more!

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In your opinion, is there an ongoing flirtation between Chiara Ferragni and Tony Ivey or is it just a coincidence?

No, in my opinion this is not true!

Oh God, I see them as a couple!

[FOTO: Instagram]