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April pensions hit the elderly: the process will no longer be carried out at the post office

April pensions hit the elderly: the process will no longer be carried out at the post office

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Documentation for all retirees is available from today. From now on, you no longer need an accountant, you can do it yourself.

They call it the process of digitization. In fact, in recent years there has been a clear change in practices that every Italian citizen should pay attention to. Taxpayers must submit documents every year regarding Statement of income accumulated over the past 12 months.

Until recently, compiling these documents was extremely difficult. This is precisely why we rely on accountants and accounting experts who are able to do this instead of the citizen himself.

For all those who are not financial experts, follow along Frame assembly It was almost impossible. But given the high costs of some practices that are considered very simple in all respects, the state decided to simplify the procedures. This translates into the possibility for the simple citizen to proceed in complete independence.

For example, by accessing the official INPS website via digital ID, Any SPID or CIE, it is possible to proceed with the completion of the ISEE, but also with the submission of some specific applications, for example, for income support. From today, the same can be done with the Revenue Agency.

Digitization for the benefit of citizens

Technological development allows citizens to carry out their activities in a much simpler way. That is why it has been widely used in all daily activities in recent years. We are talking, for example, about the digitization of banking relationships. Increasingly Account holders Manage their accounts online.

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The same can be done with the papers that will be submitted to Public interest officessuch as INPS and the Revenue Agency, are the bodies to which citizens pay the most attention.

One certificate - Fonte_depositphotos -
One certificate – Fonte_depositphotos –

Single certificate and retired

For pensioners and employees, it is possible to proceed in a very simple way, with a single certificate Pre-filled. To send it, it is enough to answer a few questions, or confirm the data entered in the certificate. In this way the practice is greatly simplified.

Now it is much easier to declare your income and you will not need any intermediaries. This will not only speed up the procedures, but will also allow a great deal Economic saving.